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tomjonesinternational.com FAQ

What is Tomjonesinternational.com?
Tomjonesinternational.com is an independent weblog and online magazine about the Welsh singer Tom Jones. We are not affiliated with Tom Jones, Tom Jones Enterprises LLC or Valley Music Ltd. We are not a “fan club.”

How can I contact Tomjonesinternational.com?
Use the email link on our sidebar on the right of each page.

How can I support Tomjonesinternational.com?
Money makes the world go round… in our case it also keeps the site on the server. If you like Tomjonesinternational.com and visit often, why not send us a few bucks through PayPal by clicking on the “donate” link at the bottom of the sidebar on the right?

How did Tomjonesinternational.com start?
JonesTheVoice, the large US-based fansite that so many of us counted upon closed in the spring of 2005. We waited a couple of months and no one else launched a site, so we decided to do one.

How can I help?
Our site’s traffic is increasing almost daily. This means extra bandwidth which costs money. If you like our service, please consider leaving a tip by clicking on the “donate” link at right.

You can also help by contributing posts, sending us photos — sharing the pleasure you get from Tom Jones with other fans.

Can you help me get in touch with, or meet, Tom Jones?
Most probably not. Anything else, drop us an e-mail!

Tomjonesinternational.com is a site run by fans for fans. Although we try to verify the accuracy of our reported information we do not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of our content. We occasionally publish rumors and conjecture and they are clearly defined as “Rumor or Reality.” We link to content on other sites and may quote from their material. Tomjonesinternational.com is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

We consider email sent to Tomjonesinternational.com to be our property. We generally ask permission of the writer before we publish it. We do not publish email addresses or pass them on to anyone else unless we ask and receive permission first.

Site Rules
Please treat the readers and the moderators of Tomjonesinternational.com with the same respect you would show them were you to meet them in real life, because one day you might. Discuss, debate and communicate in a civil manner. No shouting, no flaming, please.

On this site the moderators decide what is published and what isn’t, just like editors do in printed publications. Keep in mind freedom of speech does not mean you have freedom to say whatever you wish. This site is not about individual fans, but about the public life and career of Tom Jones.

The subject of your comment must be related to the post about which you are commenting. Please send all other communication via e-mail. Off topic posts will most likely be deleted.

Please use proper grammar, capitalization and spelling as best as you can. This will help keep the discussion on topic and it makes your posts easier to read. We do reserve the right to — and actually do — edit posts for grammar. PLEASE DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

Do not sign your posts. Your (nick)name will appear above your post automatically. That means no signatures, quotes, etc.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our policies or rules, please email us.

Disregard for any of the above rules may result in the revocation of your commenting rights. In the interest of our readers and the Tomjonesinternational.com community we do enforce site policy.

About Ellen & Ursula

Ellen & Ursula met at — guess where? — a Tom Jones show at the MGM on March 1, 2005. After talking to each other they realized their skills are complementary and began to work together. In honor of the day they met, they call their company 301 Partners.

Ellen is an award-winning journalist and public relations professional. She is the author of one book and myriad newspaper and magazine articles. She moved to Las Vegas early in 2005 and now her family is scattered all over the world. Ellen likes to read — especially on the beach which is not easy in Las Vegas — go to shows and to “real” theater, the Met, movies, the music of Tom Jones and she loves New York.

Ursula is an advertising professional who has worked on many types of accounts, including entertainment, retail and tourism. She moved to Las Vegas in 2000 and is currently working as a freelance advertising consultant. Ursula likes spending time with her grown children and husband, playing with her dogs, traveling, gambling (way too many opportunities in Vegas), running astrology charts, meditating, and of course, listening to music, especially Tom Jones.