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Here are some Tom-related sites and pages we think you’ll enjoy:

Tom’s Official Site

Mari’s Fansite From Japan with good clips and reports from around the world.

This is an in-depth interview by Bob Guccione, Jr. in The Independent Magazine (UK) April 16, 2005. [Note: When you click on the link here, you are taken to The Independent's homepage. In the search box there, type in "Guccione." You'll be taken to a page where his articles are posted from the most recent back. Because this is a year old, you have to scroll down, but you'll find it. Enjoy it!] And, because you cannot see the new photos that accompany the article online, we posted them here. The cover shot (left) is © Sara Lee/Camera Press and the inside portrait is © Andy Paradise. Please do not reproduce or download these photos.

independent cover independent inside

The BBC Wales’ site contains some nice e-cards and lots of information, making a fine “hometown” tribute to a favorite son of Wales.

The BBC’s site is a good look at Tom and his career from the network that refused to play It’s Not Unusual when it was first released because it was considered too racy…or something.

The BBC archive has an exhaustive list of Tom Jones interviews, reviews and stories dating back to the 1980s. If you have any free time, this stuff is endlessly entertaining….or, maybe, repetitive. The BBC itself has almost 1,700 links and, in their web search, there are more than 12,700,00. Should keep even the most avid fan busy for awhile.

The terrific VH1 website comes complete with articles and video.

Lesreed.com is the site for the composer-arranger-conductor who was key in Tom’s early success (co-writer of It’s Not Unusual, for example). His site is an interesting look at a great career that’s still going. Reed also collaborated on a musical version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and the Dammed.

TJ Forever, Anni’s fansite from Finland has great photos and her pages about herself are lovely.

Carlos, a fan in Washington, DC, has updated his Jonesite and it has some nice wallpaper and a good discography list.

Sir Tom Jones Online is the fresh, fun site launched by Janet, a fan from New Jersey.

Flamingoldies.com, the internet radio station, plays great music 24/7 (you can send in requests) and includes lots of TJ. Keith Cooper, who started and moderated www.jonesthevoice.com, is founder and CEO of the entire Flaming Radio Network and program director of flamingoldies.com.

Here’s early Tom in his first Ed Sullivan Show gig. There are also two clips of vintage Elvis, the Beatles, James Brown, Edward R. Murrow and cigarette commercials. (Thanks, Matthew, for reminding us of this one.)

If listening to Tom has made you interested in Wales, check out The Best of Wales — The Best Handpicked Websites. Lots of non-commercial websites here all reviewed before inclusion by at least one person. TJI.com is one of their picks.

If you’re interested in what Tom has done on TV and in what movies and TV shows his songs were featured, check out theInternet Movie Database (IMDB). It’s got a very extensive list.

A five-minute Australian radio interview with TJ and John Farnham from February 2004 when they were touring. (Thanks again, Matthew.)

wembely 1999Photo at right is from a 1999 clip of Tom at a Welsh rugby match at Wembley Stadium from the BBC Wales site. Before Tom’s bit, comedian Max Boyce rallies the crowd. It is funny. Thanks again, Andre

A 23+-minute BBC video interview with TJ and Jools Holland from November 5, 2004.

This is a really interesting critique of Tom’s early recordings from someone who loves funk and has a real sense of humor.

A contributor to Barflies.com offers another critique. And has some interesting things to say about the Jools Holland collaboration — notably what would have happened if it had been released here in the US.

Kim’s Scandanavian site is one of the longest-running on the net.

A radio interview with Tom from December 10, 2003.

This is the written transcript of Tom’s appearance on Larry King Live, November 7, 2003.

What Would Tom Jones Do? is a cartoon posted June 24, 2005 after Tom’s June 19 appearance at Arlene Schnitzer Hall in Portland Oregon. Be sure to read the notes at the end and, if you want, you can download a PDF.

The Covers Project is, like allmusic.com (below) fun to visit for the musically curious TJ fan. The site is intended to build “a database of cover songs (songs RECORDED by an artist other than the original ARTIST) with the intention of creating cover “chains.” A cover chain is a set of songs in which each RECORDING is a cover of a RECORDING by the ARTIST who covered the preceding song.” Sometimes the links are broken, but following a song can take you far afield…..kind of a musical version of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” You can note errors/submit corrections at the bottom of each page.

Not a Tom Jones site, but the best site to learn about who sang, or wrote or produced what recordings and when, allmusic.com is worth checking out, even though Tom’s bio is incorrect and, while they’ve corrected some of it, there are still errors.

If you care about Tom’s musical background and want to learn more about where people like Elvis and Jerry Lee came from, check out the Sun Studio website. As the virtual tour narration says, “If music were a religion, then Memphis would be Jerusalem and Sun Studio its most sacred shrine.” And, visiting there on a trip to Memphis is an wonderful, extraordinary experience. Tom recorded there, as have so many others, from Bob Dylan to U2. In fact, Dylan was short of time when he was there once, so he just walked in to the studio, got down on his hands and kneees, kissed the floor and walked out. Amazing place.
Want to buy Tom Jones CDs, vinyl or memorabilia? Check our our favorite sites:

amazon.com offers a good selection of easily-obtainable CDs. And be sure to check their “used & new” listings. We’ve never been disappointed with items ordered from these resellers when we’ve carefully read their item descriptions and their buyers’ ratings.

From Europe, eil.com has a huge selection of rare stuff and prices are posted in £, $ and €.

Don’t forget about eBay’s Tom Jones pages.

And, if you want vintage stuff, visit The Tom Jones Collector’s Page.

Rockvizion is the site of an Australian photographer who is offering some of his photos from Tom’s Down Under tour in 1986. Tom looks great.The photos are definitely worth a look.

If you have sites you think others will enjoy, please contact us.